A selection of Paul Graham's compositions for past and current projects.


A composition with an aquatic based theme. This was created for the 'Steampunk Empire' website and forum and was included in the self-titled 'steampunk' EP that was released in early 2013.

Bon Appetit

Featured in the upcoming short horror film 'Bon Appetit'. A slow, dark piece that builds until the crescendo ending when the real horror is revealed..Dark stuff. Thank you to Mr.Jack Downs for the opportunity.

Gotham By Gaslight

An ode to my favourite incarnation of the Dark Knight. This composition was also included on my self titled EP that was released early 2013. Driving beats combined with the power of orchestral instruments.

The Horror

To be included in a yet unnamed Horror game on the PC. Title screen that should evoke the fear that would undoubtedly be felt during a zombie apocalypse.


A short loop with a distinctly 'Corleone' feel. Piano..check..mandolin..check. Used for the excellent PC First person shooter 'The fifties'.

False Fires

A piece commissioned by Sub Atomic studios to accompany their game 'Sins of a Generation'. Predominantly used for the race select screen.

Sins of a Generation

A commissioned piece for the upcoming PC game 'Sins of a Generation'. Used within the title screen with the sole intention of preparing the player for all out, deep space conflict.


My self-titled track that was released earlier this year and featured on the Steampunk Empire' Website. An eclectic mix of ethnic instruments, hard beats and memorable melody.

Vapour (Priory Street)

This is a piece that was designed to be played throughout the player's journey in the upcoming indie game 'Vapour'. A relaxing and passionate piece that helps to create a feeling of hope and enthusiasm. Vapour will be released later this year on the PC, Mac and iOS systems.